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At Bahrain (EDB), we meet with companies from around the world and one of the things we have noticed in the last year or so is that investors around the world are increasingly excited about the $1.5tn GCC market.

Business in Bahrain

=Are you interested in Business in Bahrain? If so, you would be please to know that we can assist you in business in Bahrain. Business in Bahrain was never so easy as it’s now. SPC WLL offers many business services like online business and business for expats in Bahrain with 100% ownership. yes no Kafeel, No GCC sponsor, it will be 100% your own company. Our experts will lead you towards the way of success. There are a lot of benefits of Business in Bahrain, some of them are as below:

Lets Start Business for Expats in Bahrain!

Businessman Visa

Spouse Visa(s)

Children Visas

Employee Visas

No Sponsor/Kafeel

Children Visas

High Quality Education

No Sponsor/Kafeel

A New Market

Visa copy of all Partners

Driving license of all partners


Bahrain is a country with high-income economics. It’s the 5th most prosperous Arab country and ranked economically 23rd within the world. As you’re here, you would possibly be planning or interested to start up the business in Bahrain. Therefore, I will describe in detail the benefits of trade in Bahrain. Every businessman is conscious of the very fact that business is nothing without benefits.

Therefore, there are more chances to grow your business in Bahrain with compatible business ideas. There are four reasons why investors can get many benefits from Business in Bahrain:

● Growing and supportive ecosystem
● Business-friendly.
● Easy access to the GCC market
● Liberal regulatory environment

The cost of doing business in Bahrain is 30% less than in Qatar and Dubai. Bahrain is ranked seventh globally for the market connection. The Rains government works closely with industry and regulators to find opportunities to grow their business environment.


Even if you’re not a citizen of Bahrain, you can go for Company Formation with exceptional benefits. You can get Business Name Registration and a Business Visa for two years, either
for your family or employees. The fantastic point is that the VAT (Value Added Tax) in Bahrain is merely 5%. It is one excellent benefit of business in Bahrain.

You don’t need to pay a large amount of taxes. Therefore, you can earn well. There aren’t any income taxes, monthly fees for family visas, and cooperative taxes. Notably, the government of Bahrain is very supportive of foreign investors. Bahrain has developed a supportive community from which local and international startups can gain benefits directly.

It’s duty-free access to GCC for the product manufactured in Bahrain. The benefits and geographic location of Bahrain increase the probabilities for businessmen to start their business in Bahrain. Till now, Bahrain local trade, language, culture, and geographical location have been the source of advantages features of the country.

Some of business that a foreigner can own with 100% Ownership includes:

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