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Investor Visa Bahrain

The Government of Bahrain is rewarding each foreigner investor with an Investor visa Bahrain or Businessman visa Bahrain. Investor visa and Businessman visa are the two names of one visa category. So, any person who will open a new company in Bahrain can get a Businessman visa in Bahrain. There are many other types of visas in Bahrain. However, in Bahrain, an investor visa or Businessman visa has its features, like company owners only can get the Businessman visa, and there is no GOSI (insurance) for the investors. A company can get an unlimited number of Businessman visas in Bahrain. The more number of partners in the company, the more Businessman visa in Bahrain are available

To get a Businessman visa in Bahrain, either person should open a new company in Bahrain or invest in an existing company, come into the partnership or buy some existing company shares. On this basis, he will be eligible for an Businessman visa in Bahrain, and then he can get an Businessman visa in Bahrain.

What are the types of an Investor Visa ?

As per our understanding and the name shows, an investor is the person who invests the money in the company and cares about profits, but a businessman is a person who invests money and has business skills to run the company.

What is the cost of visa in Bahrain?

The cost of an Investor visa Bahrain or a Businessman visa Bahrain is BHD 172 for one year and BHD 344 for two years

What are the documents required to apply for an investor visa in Bahrain?

An LMRA Expat Management system is required to apply for a Businessman visa in Bahrain or an investor visa in Bahrain; it required the applicant to feed all the details of him like name, passport number, nationality, address in Bahrain (if any), father name, marital status, education, issue and expiry date of passport, hospital name of medical, medical slip number.

What is the processing time of an Investor visa applications in Bahrain?

The process time for a Businessman visa in Bahrain or an Investor visa in Bahrain vary from application to application but the normal process time for a visa application in Bahrain is 5-8 Business days as it require three approvals : First from LMRA (Labor Market Regulatory Authority), secondly CIO (Central Informatics Organization) and Lastly from NPRA ( National Passport and Residency Affairs)


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