Company Formation in Turkey

Turkey is a country with a lot of benefits for investors who wish to start a business there. Company formation in Turkey is very fast, simple and easy as all nationalities are acceptable and can own businesses with 100% ownership. The Cost of setting up a company in Turkey is USD 5299 with one year virtual address and the processing time for Company Formation in Turkey is 1 Business day. Turkey is also very much flexible for work visas and Turkey visit visas.

Turkey has a robust economy, a liberalized investment climate, and a good taxation structure.
It is a gateway between Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Company Formation In Turkey
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Documents required for registering a company in Turkey

The documents needed for registering a company Setup in Turkey depend on whether the shareholders or shareholder are companies or individuals. Individuals must register with two copies of their passports or identification cards. The following documents are required for company formation in Turkey in the event of legal entities:

Business in Turkey

Turkey has a thriving economy that draws in a large number of international investors. It also boasts a strong economic growth trajectory, with the country forecast to be among the OECD’s fastest-growing economies.

Turkey also promotes foreign direct investment and has a thriving private sector. Two additional important factors that attract investors to Turkey are its well-developed infrastructure and a skilled and competitive workforce.

The cost of setting up a business in Turkey is very low, and the government provides incentives and tax benefits to those who launch businesses in specified free zones. Research & development, strategic investments, and large-scale investments can all benefit from incentives.

Types of companies in Turkey

The following forms of businesses can be employed for company registration in Turkey:

The limited liability corporation (LLC) is the most common business structure. This type of business must have at least one shareholder and a minimum share capital of 10,000 TRY must be submitted during the initial phase of the establishment process.
The shareholders’ responsibility is restricted to the amount of money invested in the firm. 

The minimum share capital for a joint stock company is 50,000 TRY, which is more than the minimum share capital for a limited liability company. This form of business is governed by distinct standards in terms of management: it must have at least one shareholder and a board of directors.

The members’ responsibility is restricted to the amount of invested capital, which is split into stocks that may be sold when the firm is listed on the stock exchange. This is a firm that is best suited for major corporations.

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Company incorporation steps in Turkey

When forming a corporation in Turkey, you must fulfill the following steps:

Obtaining a business license in Turkey

Starting a business in Turkey

If the Turkish firm intends to engage in specified activities, the business license process must be completed. In this instance, specific licenses Setup in Turkey and Permits must be sought from the authorities representing the industry in which the firm intends to operate.
Trading, the financial industry, and manufacturing are among the businesses that require particular licenses and permissions. These are also among Turkey's most developed economic sectors.

Company formation in Turkey (Ankara)

Ankara is a prominent financial and business hub that is home to a large number of successful businesses founded with foreign financing. A free-market economy is a significant benefit for foreigners looking to a Company formation in Turkey (limited liability company) or any other sort of business in Turkey.

Company formation in Turkey (Istanbul)

Istanbul is Turkey's main maritime city, and it is home to a huge number of international enterprises that benefit from a favorable business climate and liberal Company formation in Turkey regulations.
The limited liability company is the most common Business in Turkey structure, although foreigners can also choose joint-stock corporations, communal or commandite businesses. A sole proprietorship is also an option for entrepreneurs who wish to run their own business and be responsible for any losses.

Company formation Turkey (Izmir)

With almost 3 million residents, Izmir is another significant and representative business in Turkey. Izmir's economy is diverse, and the city is home to a great number of free zones and technology parks.

Business in Turkey for foreigners

For foreigners, doing business in Turkey is appealing from a variety of perspectives. Turkey aligns with top business destinations throughout the world as a prominent producer in areas such as agricultural, automobile, textile, and construction.
Foreign enterprises in Turkey can profit from loosened investment laws that allows them to set up in Turkey quickly and without cumbersome bureaucracies. 

Foreigners in Turkey enjoy cities like Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir from a commercial standpoint.
Low operating expenses, a competent and multilingual workforce, high consumer spending, a big number of local firms to partner with, Turkish government assistance, and a favorable geographic position are just a few of Turkey’s primary selling advantages for international investors.

The advantages don’t end there: foreigners may simply get Turkish citizenship through a variety of advantageous schemes and particular investments. For foreigners, doing business in Turkey is a simple procedure. You might be interested in the following statistics and numbers about starting a business in Turkey and Turkey’s economic direction:

Before starting a business in Turkey, you should be aware of the estimated cost of setting up a business in Turkey, as well as the bureaucratic procedures and other costs associated with incorporation, the minimum capital share, the cost of setting up a business in Turkey, and services, among other things.

Unlike Western European countries, Turkey has a cheap cost of setting up a business and a stable economic climate, making it appealing to international investors. The Cost of Setting up a  Company in Turkey is USD 5299 with one year virtual address and the processing time to setup a company in Turkey is 1 business day.

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What is the primary Cost of setting up a business in Turkey?

The Cost of Setting up a  Company in Turkey is USD 5299 with one year virtual address and the processing time to setup a company in Turkey is 1 Business day. The first factor to consider when planning to a business set up in Turkey is the start-up fees.
There are numerous charges associated with forming a business in Turkey, including:

Registration Cost of setting up a business in Turkey

One of the most significant expenditures involved with doing business in Turkey is the registration fee, which is divided as follows:
The Advantages of Starting a Business in Turkey

Foreign investors who want to start a business in Turkey might take advantage of a number of advantages. Turkey is an intriguing market due of its strategic location as Europe’s and the Middle East’s commercial center.
Furthermore, the country offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance for foreign investors, with a high investment potential and continued backing from the Turkish government. Starting a business in Turkey opens up a slew of new prospects. Turkey provides a number of benefits to foreigners, including cheap operating costs, a competent labor supply, reliable consumer spending, and government incentives.

Strong consumer spending and local manufacturers that aid and support business owners are further advantages of building a setup in Turkey. Turkey is one of the most popular places for international investors due to its low Cost of setting up a business in Turkey and high income levels.

High Consumption

Another advantage of Turkey's young population is the amount of money they spend. Young people enjoy following trends, and they have preferred brands that they will spend money on without hesitation.

You may develop a successful company Setup in Turkey based on the demands of the youthful people with the correct business plan and marketing approach. You can simply attract young clients in Turkey by following the current trends and using them in your business.

Turkish Government Incentives

By lowering investment-related expenses and providing a more investor-friendly climate, the Turkish government is encouraging both domestic and foreign investors. Investors' expenditures were lowered thanks to the new investment incentive system.

VAT and custom duty exemptions, tax deductions, social security premium assistance, interest rate support, land allocation, VAT refund, and income tax withholding support are all available to foreign investors who get the Investment Incentive Certificate (IIC).

Low operating expenses

One of the advantages of establishing a business in Turkey is the cheap operational Cost of setting up a business in Turkey. While starting a business in another nation, such as the United Kingdom or the United States, may cost you a lot, Turkey offers a tremendous opportunity.

Every year, around a million students graduate from universities in Turkey, and many of them begin looking for work rather than starting a business in Turkey. As a result, the cost of entry-level pay and labor is comparatively cheap. The cost of the suppliers is very reasonable, despite the excellent quality of the items and service. This is a significant advantage since you no longer have to be concerned about the Cost of setting up a business in Turkey.

Local Manufacturers

It is reasonable in business to locate factories near to where you are starting a business in Turkey. Many local manufacturers in Turkey are prepared to assist and support investors.

They would gladly assist you if you have a concept and want to run it by a local manufacturer. In comparison to larger providers, local producers are also more willing to accept minimal orders. This is a significant benefit for an investor looking to create a business in Turkey.

Steps to forming a limited liability corporation in Turkey in 2022

Local and international investors who wish to establish limited liability firms in Turkey must follow the same procedures. These are the following:
Lets Start A Business


The business owner must draft and submit the Articles of Association, have the company paperwork notarized, have the minimum share capital deposited, and apply for registration with the Trade Registry Office.

The minimum capital requirement varies depending on the type of company. For example, an LLC requires a minimum capital, while a JSC has different rules based on being a public or private company.

The registration process typically takes a few weeks, but the timeline can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the company structure, completeness of documentation, and the efficiency of the local authorities.

Yes, foreigners can own and operate companies in Turkey. However, there are certain restrictions in specific sectors, and approval from relevant authorities may be required in some cases.

The key steps include choosing a unique business name, drafting and notarizing the articles of association, depositing the initial capital, registering with the Trade Registry Office, obtaining necessary licenses, and fulfilling tax and social security obligations.

While Turkey generally encourages foreign investment, there may be restrictions or special requirements in certain sectors. It’s advisable to check specific regulations related to your industry.

Ongoing compliance includes regular tax filings, reporting to the Trade Registry, compliance with labor laws, and any industry-specific regulations. Staying updated on regulatory changes is crucial.

Turkey offers various tax incentives for specific industries and regions. Understanding these incentives and ensuring compliance can have positive financial implications for your company.

Yes, a local address is required for company registration. This address will be used for official communications and must be declared during the registration process.

While much of the documentation and processes can be handled by legal representatives, some steps may require physical presence, such as notarizing certain documents. It’s recommended to have local representation or legal assistance.

If all of the documentation is in order, the Cost of Setting up a  Company in Turkey is USD 5299 with one year virtual address and the processing time to setup a company in Turkey is 1 Business day.

The business owner must draft and submit the Articles of Association, have the company paperwork notarized, have the minimum share capital deposited, and apply for registration with the Trade Registry Office.

What are the benefits of investing in Turkey?

Investing in Turkey through company formation offers several compelling benefits:

1: Turkey’s geographical position provides access to diverse markets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, making it an excellent base for expanding your business globally.

2: Turkey’s robust and rapidly expanding economy, coupled with a large domestic market, presents significant growth prospects for businesses.

3: The Turkish government offers attractive incentives such as tax advantages, grants, and support for research and development, boosting the profitability of your company.

4: With a population of nearly 84 million, Turkey provides access to a sizable consumer base, allowing you to tap into its purchasing power.

5: Turkey’s investments in infrastructure development, including transportation networks and telecommunications, ensure efficient logistics and connectivity for your business.

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