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Opening a Business Bank Account in Bahrain

Opening a Business bank account in Bahrain or a Company Bank account in Bahrain for your underformation or active company to obtain a Capital Deposit Certificate is very easy and convenient in Bahrain. You also can enjoy an Online Company Bank Account while opening a corporate Bank account in Bahrain. A bank account certificate is required to complete the company formation process and activate the company.

Opening a Business Bank Account in Bahrain

Opening a Business Bank account for active companies and for under formation companies is relatively easy in Bahrain. These are the few steps that are required to open a bank account in Bahrain. Below are the documents that are required to open a business bank account for under formation companies and Obtain a bank account certificate for the Capital:

CR Copy

Extract Copy

Board Resolution

CPR and Passport of Partners

Feasibility study or business plan

6 Months Bank Statement of each partner

Visa copy of all Partners

Driving license of all partners

If there is any previous company owned by the same partners or any of the partner, then the bank requires a Bank Statement of the existing company

Bank Account Certificate

A certificate of Bank deposit or a Capital Deposit Certificate is required to complete the company formation process and activate it. This certificate of Bank deposit or a Capital Deposit Certificate can be issued for a current bank account and saving business account in Bahrain.

Once you obtain this certificate from the Bank, you need to submit it to the Sijilat system to activate the company and obtain the Active CR. This Active CR, along with the existing Resident Permit or New Resident permit, will be required in the Bank to activate the Bank Account in the Bank.

Moreover, Bank may issue a checkbook to Currant bank account holders after verification and on the Bank Manager’s satisfaction. Online banking or ATM to the saving Business Account holders to make necessary transactions as the Bank manager deem fit. Also, it depends on the number of partners and their authority levels.

Business Bank Account

Opening the corporate bank accounts in Bahrain

We are experts in opening the business bank account for the under formation and active companies, and setting up a business bank account in Bahrain is our routine jobs. Any of the companies looking for the corporate bank account of the under formation companies or active companies can get over expert hands.

We can ensure that we will get for your best business bank account for LLC or WLL company or a single person company or any company in Bahrain. Company bank account opening is not that simple, but we can handle it outstandingly because of our years of experience.

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Online Company Bank Account
Online company bank account in Bahrain

There is good news for all those investors looking for an online company bank account. We can assure you that you will not have only a saving or a current account, but you will also get an online banking account. We can help you get an online company bank account for your under formation company and your active company. Starting a business account was never an easy task before, but we can get you a bank account in Bahrain because of our experts and experience

Setup in Bahrain can also provide their services for opening a bank account for LLC companies or WLL companies in Bahrain or any company underformation or active company in Bahrain for company bank account opening or a corporate bank account.
Setting up a Business Bank Account in Bahrain
Setting up a business bank account in the Kingdom of Bahrain for underformation companies or active companies requires many documentation and information requirements, but we will get for you quickly a currant account or a savings account or an online account along with a bank deposit certificate of the capital.

1- If there is any missing document or some missing information even, we can manage it, and we can get a company account in Bahrain for you. It will be pretty good if you can get six months bank statement from the country where you are living or any country worldwide so that we can prove the source of funds that we’re going to invest in Bahrain.

2- There is also another good thing if the investor is a foreigner and do not have any visa in Bahrain or any investor who is living in Berlin but do not have a visa even we can open a company bank account for him either it is a company bank account for under formation companies or more active companies.

3- If there is any agreement of the information or active company, then we need a copy of the agreement or purchase order or invoices or check office so that we can confirm the source of income in the bank account .

4- If the person is an employee, then we need the salary slips, and we need to make sure that the salary transactions are there in the bank account of the employee or the partner.

5- We need to mention that who will be the authorized signature in the bank and what will be the power like it will be singly or jointly, or there is more than one partner who will sign in the bank account jointly.